Agriculture & Rural Development

Dynamic Vision acknowledges that poverty is mainly rural and combating poverty means tackling the problems of rural areas, where agricultural production is the main source of employment and income. Thus, without the development of the agriculture sector, poverty levels will persist. In this context, agriculture can be conceived as an integrated part of rural development.

Our Services


At Dynamic Vision, we are aware of how each of our services impacts the world around us. We believe that our horticultural knowledge enables us to effectively make wise decisions regarding how we can be environmentally conscious, while effectively performing our landscape maintenance tasks. The little thing makes a difference, we use sharp mower blades which increase fuel efficiency, while grass clippings are left on site to decompose. We understand how fertilizers work, timing is everything for fertilizers, by applying at the right time of the year, we are able to get the most impact out of fertilizers while using as little as possible, we also use 50–100% slow release to minimize leaching. We use pesticides appropriately, spot spraying as much as possible, targeting problem areas while leaving unaffected areas untreated. When broadcast spraying does happen, it is timed for maximum effectiveness. Our irrigation staff has spent a great deal of time studying water conserving practices like re-nuzzling systems to normalize precipitation rates and implementing weather based controllers.

Best Management, Residential and Commercial Practices

  • Collecting water for Ground Water Recharge
  • Vegetative Swales
  • Green Roofing Technology
  • Strom Water Management
  • Development of Communities by habitat analysis
  • Restoration of Woodland Habitats use of Native Plants
  • Plant Stewardship Programs (PSP) of habitats

    Landscape Architects, Construction Contractors

    • Consultation services for landscape needs: troubleshooting plant problems, plant site considerations and designs, soil analysis, etc
    • Design, implementation, and oversight of Horticultural Best Management Practices
    • Native site restoration
    • Land Reclamation and Soil Development
    • Soil and water conservation
    • Watershed Development/Rainfed Agriculture
    Farm Management & Agribusiness Development

    Since its foundation, DV’s traditional activities have focused on providing technical assistance in farm management and agribusiness development. Dynamic Vision Farm Management also provides an overview of agricultural potential in specific provinces by assessing current and future business trends that are likely to impact the investment decisions of clients. 
    In these sectors, Dynamic Vision offers the following specialized services:

    • Investments Appraisals, Planning and Feasibility Studies
    • Agribusiness Management and Farming JV Operations
    • Farm Restructuring Options
    • Farm Managers, Recruitment, and Training
    • Land Information and Management Systems and Land Mapping (LIS, GIS, Satellite Imaginary)
    • Crop Production, Marketing, and Advice
    • Production, processing, and distribution of agricultural products
    • Livestock Management and Breeding
    • Design and delivery of training in farm management and agribusiness development
    • Associations Development
    • Market Development
    • International Marketing
    • ISO Certifications & GlobalGAP Certifications

      Dynamic Vision offers various services to the poultry industry and the broiler farmers. After around 10 years of services to the poultry industry, we feel that we are some of the best and leading consultants in the poultry business. Our services are covering each field of the sector from Ground Parent Stock farms to the Packed End product in hand, form, and idea to the product in hand we assist in each step in between these two points.

      In a business environment where each decision has its impact on the future of the company our assistance can help in taking well motivated and calculated decisions, a decision based on solid data and information.

      Our services for poultry include:

      • Feasibility Planning
      • Cost Estimation
      • Optimization
      • Quality checks and Quality Assurance
      • Coaching, Mentoring & Training
      • Due Diligence
      • Business Plans
      • Technical Studies
      • Project Management
      • Poultry Monitoring & Evaluation

      Additional Services we offer:

      • CPC Diagnostic Services
      • Veterinarian Consulting Services
      • Poultry and Turkey Vaccination Programs
      • Hatchery and Farm Analysis
      • Blood Sampling
      • Biosecurity Consulting
      • Emergency Services
      • Insect and Rodent Control
      • Regulation and Lab Work
      • Backyard poultry farming
      • Poultry programs management
      • Poultry farms management

          Dynamic Vision offers greenhouse consulting services starting with conceptual design, through design development, all the way to bid/construction documents. DV’s consulting services are based on real-world experiences, especially when it comes to consulting on greenhouse costing, greenhouse construction scheduling, greenhouse value engineering, greenhouse site safety and overall greenhouse constructability and performance.

          If your project can benefit from a greenhouse consultant, we hope that you will consider Dynamic Vision. DV has extensive greenhouse design, engineering, manufacturing, and construction experience. Allow DV to put that experience to work, thought our greenhouse consulting services, to help ensure the success of even the most complicated greenhouse design.

          Our Services include:

          • Greenhouse Consulting
          • Design & Build
          • Design & Engineering
          • Institutional Greenhouse
          • Project Management
          • System Integration
                Biotechnology in Agriculture

                Agricultural biotechnology is a collection of scientific techniques used to improve plants, animals, and microorganisms. Based on an understanding of DNA, scientists have developed solutions to increase agricultural productivity. Starting from the ability to identify genes that may confer advantages on certain crops, and the ability to work with such characteristics very precisely, biotechnology enhances breeders’ ability to make improvements in crops and livestock. Biotechnology enables improvements that are not possible with the traditional crossing of related species alone.
                Dynamic Vision offers following Biotechnology Services:

                • Flow Cytometry
                • Genome Informatics
                • Materials Analysis
                • Microscopy and Nanoimaging
                • Plant Transformation
                • Confocal and Multiphoton
                • Macromolecular X-ray Crystallography
                • Metabolics
                • Image Analysis
                • Hybridoma
                • DNA
                • Chemical Instrumentation
                • Doubled Haploid
                • Crops Utilization Research
                • QPCR Consultation
                • Biomolecular NMR
                • Ultrahigh Resolution Biological Microscopy
                • Molecular Printing
                • Environmental Engineering
                • Comparative Pathology
                • Food Science
                • Grain Quality
                • Atmospheric Air Quality
                • Fermentation
                • Genomic Technologies
                • Animal Genre Transfer
                • Atomic Force Microscopy
                        Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Services

                        Dynamic Vision offers efficient, prompt, courteous veterinary services that are and mainly focused on building the ability and capacity of National Public Veterinary Services in the areas of inspection, animal disease control schemes, animal health, animal welfare, and in the setting up and implementation of Animal identification and Registration Systems.

                        Dynamic Vision’s Veterinary and Animal Health Services are tailored to suit the needs of our clients in the following areas of focus:

                        • Strengthening Public Veterinary Services
                        • Setting up Animal Identification and Registration Systems(AI&R Systems) & Training for AI&R staff
                        • Software Applications for production hygiene and slaughterhouse management
                        • Veterinary Legislation
                        • Health Monitoring in slaughterhouses to track diseases prevalence and severity over time
                        • Establishment and management of Border Inspection Posts(BIP) & Training on BiP matters
                        • Capacity Building of Institutions in Veterinary and Animal health issues.
                        • Animal Welfare
                        • Zoonoses
                        • Consultancy Through the supply chain
                        • Collaborative research and development
                        • Production Measurement and Analysis
                        • Herd health and lameness consultancy
                        • Conferences, Training, and Workshops
                        • Agri-business and the dairy supply chain
                        • Participatory learning
                        Fishery & Farm Management

                        Dynamic Vision is also operating in the Fishery sector, mainly offering services such as:

                        • Elaboration and development of programs for fisheries and aquaculture
                        • Overall management and coordination of sustainable fishery programs
                        • Feasibility studies
                        • Environmental impact analysis
                        • Harmonization of national legislations with requirements
                        • Fishery quality management
                        • Advice and support for artisanal fishers
                        • Training of small-scale fishers
                        • Training to Fishery Authorities

                          Dynamic Vision has adequate capacity to provide professional services, technical advice, and training to national and regional institutions, private clients, and regulatory bodies in the fields of:

                             1.Food Safety 
                             2.Food Quality 
                             3.Food Control 
                             4.Food Hygiene

                          Dynamic Vision has extensive expertise in the following fields among others:

                          • Establishment of National Food Authorities
                          • Food safety and controls
                          • Food risk analysis, assessment, and communication
                          • Food Control, upgrading of food control laboratories and training
                          • Developing food standards and specifications to regulate safety and quality
                          • Food chain traceability
                          • Research for food specifications and standards development
                          • Inspection and investigation of food imports
                          • Development monitoring of food production programs
                          • Capacity and institutional building in the food related fields
                          • Institutional Strengthening
                          • Designing and conducting training for staff in the areas of food safety, control, quality and hygiene food low
                              Organic Program

                              For growers interested in organic production and certification, one of the challenges is finding the time to put together a complete and comprehensive organic certification program. 
                              We have found that many people are believers in organic production and have been producing commodities with organic principles, but do not have the time to complete an organic program. 
                              This is where Dynamic Vision can help. Our knowledge of certification requirements and time lines will save you countless hours. We have experience with the necessary certification documents including (but not limited to):

                              • Crop rotation
                              • Past strategies
                              • Sanitation programs for equipment
                              • Mapping of production areas
                              • Documented sources of organic seeds
                              • Proof of 3 years of no-chemical application
                              • Basic Organic Setup Services
                              • Perform on site evaluations
                              • Develop Organic System Plans
                              • Create control systems to document compliance
                              • Design individualized forms
                              • Rain organic system plan compliance through on-site audits
                              • Organic maintenance plan
                              • Products and formulations
                              • Organic processing

                                    Dynamic Vision’s Retail business unit is focused on offering innovative crop input products and related services to our customers, including high-quality seed, crop nutrition, crop protection products and related agronomic and precision agriculture services. We are committed to being the leading provider of agricultural inputs and services in each of the key market we serve.

                                    Dynamic Vision’s retail works directly with growers to help them maximize the productivity of their farms through the implementation of the best crop management practices, based on a thorough understanding of soils, climate conditions, and crop requirements. We provide innovative technologies, products, and experience, backed up by a commitment to sound environmental practices. Retail also provides application services, for the products we sell, offering the latest precision agriculture equipment and standards to meet growers’ needs.

                                    Additionally, we strive to build strong relationships with leading growers in each of our markets, allowing us to grow along with our customers. We leverage the scale of our retail business to minimize costs, grow sales of our proprietary products and adopt new technologies to serve our customers effectively.

                                            • Agricultural policy and implementation of agricultural policy measures
                                            • Technical assistance and capacity building on design and implementation of Rural Development and Sectoral Operational Programmes
                                            • Technical assistance to producers and marketing organization
                                            • Training and know how transfer to improve key capabilities of final beneficiaries to design and manage Rural Development Programmes(RDP)
                                            • Technical support to facilitate the establishment and development of local communities and public private partnerships
                                            • Institutional assessment and strengthening of public administrations
                                            • Agricultural Statistics and Farm accountancy
                                            • Technical assistance towards the establishment, development, and management of Paying Agencies