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Dynamic Vision core business centers around Audit, consultancy, engineering, construction, maintenance and providing service to the communities in which DV employees live and work is a DV privilege.


Community Development

Whether at a project site or a permanent office site, DV and DV’s employees work to build and grow strong, sustainable communities, reflected in the many projects at which DV trains and employs local workers.



Education is a priority at DV, both for the company and for its employees. DV works with students and educational institutions at all levels to promote Accountancy and strengthen science, technology and engineering education. DV has a long term plan to establish a commerce college in Kabul at the National level to develop and strengthen Accountancy Profession in the country.


Social Services

Dynamic Vision through its Non-Profit Organization supports rights of individuals, assist them and offer prevention programs and emergency services during crises.


Youth Sports

Dynamic Vision contributes in healthy sports activities. Dynamic Vision sponsors sports education in Afghanistan to set youth minds towards healthy sports and recreational activities. Dynamic Vision actively supports the mission of healthy and safe Afghanistan.