Contract No: 47QRAA19D009Z to perform four US Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards (GAGAS) financial and two close out audits of a major US-based contractor operating in Afghanistan

Collecting, reviewing and providing us with full record of all related national environmental, social, resettlement, waste and water-related regulations, and providing us with your local experience with regard to the application of such in ESIA process. This can be in the form of ESIA report section on institutional and legal aspects, along with copy of each and every related legislation. Identification and description of all related stakeholders and defining the priority/importance to engage with each one of them, their level of relevance and interest with regard to the ESIA and the pipeline, and their ability to influence the ESIA and the project (i.e. stakeholder’s analysis).

Full local support with regard to ESIA process in Afghanistan in all related stages, including collection of information from related authorities and local sources, screening process, stakeholder’s engagement, submitting the screening report and obtaining approvals from related authorities. Coordinating and managing (on our behalf) national and local stakeholder’s engagement and consultation workshops. Undertaking field surveys for air quality using diffusion tubes, Undertaking noise surveys. Undertaking physical environment (hydrological, geological, landscape, water resources, physical environment attributes, etc.) rapid diagnosis and observations recording site visits and photo survey

  • Duration of Assignment

04 Months

  • Client

USAID/Sustainability Solutions P.C

  • Start Date / Completion Date

Sep 20 to Dec 20