DV has been assigned as a consultant for Design, Monitoring and Engineering Services to Beekeeping Development Project (BDP) one of the development projects of Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL) funded by Agency French Development (AFD).

Beekeeping Development Project (BDP)

The aim of this project is to reinforce capacities of the Beekeeping Value Chain in Afghanistan, in order to increase food security and income generation especially in remote areas. This project has specific objectives which are as following:

  • To increase honey production and commercialization for national and regional markets
  • To create jobs
  • To promote professionals organization
  • To increase orchards’ production

This project has four main components as following:

  1. Training, communication and information of public and private actors involved in beekeeping activities. Thematic related to hives’ products, quality, services to agriculture and use of inputs will be addressed.
  2. Securing access to inputs (wax and veterinary drugs mainly) through imports and local purchases.
  3. Valorization of all hive’s products (honey, pollen, nectar, queens, swarms…) and services (like hives lending for orchards pollination) to create local added value
  4. Structuring professionals’ organizations according to their respective mandate and allowing Value Chain’s autonomy.

Scope of responsibilities

DV shall provide Technical Assistance to the PMU in full conformity. DV will carry out the complete engineering services related to the project design, construction supervision and contract management. DV shall oversight directly the design and implementation of the civil works and ensure the conformities of the civil work to be done, in accordance with the valid Afghan laws and legal basis.

Required outputs

Dynamic Vision shall perform the following tasks:

A. Detailed Design and Tender Documents

A.1 Plans
A.2 Detailed Design of the project
A.3 Tendering and award of contract

Project Supervision

B.1 Site handover and preparation of working drawings
B.2 Review of Contractor(s)’ Implementation Schedule
B.3 Supervision of construction works
B.4 Provision of instructions to the Contractors
B.5 Advice to the Beneficiary on progress of works
B.6 Inspection and testing of works
B.7 Approval of Payment Certificates
B.8 All Project reporting and coordination of meeting
B.9 Delivery of “As Built” Drawings to the Beneficiary