DV has been awarded with Design, Monitoring and Engineering Services of North North-East Agriculture Development Support Project (NEASP) a development program of the Government of Afghanistan funded by AFD (Agence Française de Development).

NEASP Background:
The project aims to promote the development of agriculture in the north and north eastern regions of Afghanistan, particularly cotton/cereals crop rotations, thereby contributing to food security in the region and reducing the area of land used for poppy cultivation. The project has specific objectives which are as following:

  • To increase the productivity of land and agricultural personnel through seed selection and the introduction of innovative techniques and crop rotations, that allow two crop cycles a year as well as optimize the use of water resources;
  • To facilitate the implementation of a seed production and distributions network operating on a private sector model in accordance with the liberalization policy advocated by the Afghan State;
  • To structure the professional agricultural environment by promoting the emergence of agricultural cooperatives and professional organization in the areas covered by the project;
  • To provide a platform for those involved in agricultural and rural development in the project areas to facilitated exchanges and dialogue on the development of agriculture and related key challenges and perspectives.

The scope of responsibilities:

DV shall provide Technical Assistance to the PMU in full conformity.  DV will carry out the complete engineering services related to the project design, construction supervision and contract management.  The consultant shall perform the following tasks:

Required outputs

Dynamic Vision shall perform the following tasks:

Phase I: Detailed Design and Tender Documents

  1. Plans
  2. Detailed Design of the project
  3. Tendering and award of contract

Phase II: Project Supervision

  1. Site handover and preparation of working drawings
  2. Review of Contractor(s)’ Implementation Schedule
  3. Supervision of construction works
  4. Provision of instructions to the Contractors
  5. Advice to the Beneficiary on progress of works
  6. Inspection and testing of works
  7. Approval of Payment Certificates
  8. All Project reporting and coordination of meeting
  9. Delivery of “As Built” Drawings to the Beneficiary