DV is awarded with Engineering Field Surveys and Irrigation Schemes Designs in Nangrahar and Laghman Provinces (Nangrahar region) For On Farm Water Management Project (OFWMP) of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL), World Bank.

The four months (April to July, 2017) project is located in Nangarhar (Kama, Goshta, Khewa) and Laghman (Qarghai) Provinces of Afghanistan.

DV will carry out Engineering Field Surveys and Irrigation schemes design of command areas of 10 irrigation schemes (sites) select in Nangrahar and Laghman Provinces. The anticipated irrigation schemes shall cover almost 2,565 hectares of command area and 35.5 km length of main and branches irrigation channels. The command area and the length of irrigation channels will change as per the requirements of the different sites.

DV shall provide services for designing of Irrigation schemes, preparation of, Drawings and Maps (site plans, proposed structure plans topographic map, counter map), Profiles, Cross sections, and different types of structures drawings and calculations, estimations, Excel sheets, as well as periodic Reports for the irrigation schemes.

Pre-design Walk through Survey of Irrigation Scheme shall be jointly carried out by relevant OFWMP staff, Community and the DV designer to identify critical reaches for lining and/or earthen improvement, decide about type of lining, major hydraulic structure, if any, and design discharge.