DV signs contract with Development Alternatives Inc., Strong Hubs for Afghan Hope and Resilience (SHAHAR) / USAID for Upgrading of Dara Qazi Park in Feroz Koh city, Ghor Province

Feroz Koh City, capital of one of Afghanistan’s Provinces lacks recreation and parks. In 2012, the Municipality constructed a Park through the RAMP UP project, which provides a good recreational environment for children, women and men. However, this park is located in south of the river and west of the city; citizens living in the northern part of the city cannot take advantage of this park due to the distance and transportation problems. Since 60% of the Feroz Koh citizens are living in the northern part of the city, rehabilitation/construction of another park in the north is needed. Currently there is no public park in the north which provides a comfortable and accessible place for recreation.

Dara Qazi Public Park is located northwest of the city and covers an area of 4800 square meters. It is located in a convenient and secure place, and was identified as the ideal park to rehabilitate into a standard public park which is better equipped to provide a recreational place for men, women and children. In order to renovate this park into a standard, Public Park that the community will use, construction of concrete sidewalks, and greenery is necessary.

The surrounding wall of this park is under bidding process by the Feroz Koh municipality who will fund the construction. The municipality will also fund and contract the latrine construction, a storage room, guard and ticket room, and the planting of greenery. However, the municipality does not have adequate funding to complete the other activities to renovate the park, therefore the SHAHAR project will undertake the sidewalk construction and remaining works. After completion, it is anticipated that the public park will be an important recreational place for families living in the northern part of Feroz Koh city. In addition, creation of this park environmentally is a green initiative.