Dynamic Vision is honored to fully sponsor the Hult Prize 2018-2019 Campus Competition at Kabul University, where ideas and business plans discussed among University students to find solutions for the Hult Prize 18-19 challenge ( Reawakening Human Potential).
Hult Prize in Partnership with United Nations is the world largest student Competition for creation of new social enterprises and budding social Entrepreneurs which award the first team with USD 1,000,000 for initial funding.
On January 9, 2019, Kabul University organized the Campus final Competition and ranked as the Top 20 in the first round of Hult Prize Competition among the 1500 universities in the world.

پوهنتون کابل در دور نخست رقابت های بنیاد هولت پرایز از میان 1500 پوهنتون جهان در زمره 20 بهترین قرار گرفت.بنیادهولت…

Posted by ‎وزارت تحصيلات عالى‎ on Sunday, March 3, 2019