Dynamic Vision is pleased to announce the assignment of responsibility for the Site Identification of Samangan Cement Plant Establishment

Afghanistan’s building and construction sector is one of the fastest growing sectors, hence Cement consumption has risen in tandem with the construction sector and now country cement sector’s annual market demand potential is about 698 million US dollars . In order to promote the cement industry, the GoIRA desires to encourage investment in this sector .

Ministry of Mines and Petroleum (MoMP) Afghanistan has identified Balkh and Samangan provinces respectively for the clay, gypsum and limestone minerals. Ghazanfar Investment has planned to explore and extract clay, gypsum and limestone minerals in the mentioned provinces,  a cement plant will be built in Samangan province to process the mentioned minerals and produce cement.

The proposed Cement plant will increase the Country production capacity to meet high demand of cement in Afghanistan and even export of cement to neighboring countries in the long term.