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Dynamic Vision objective is to create value for all of its stakeholders, including shareholders, Clients, employees, and the Executives communities where DV employees survive and work. Good corporate governance standards that promote the principles of integrity, transparency and accountability will protect and likely enhance Dynamic Vision stakeholder value. DV Management believes in good business practices, transparency in corporate financial reporting, and the highest levels of corporate governance are essential components of the company’s success.

DV will continue to take all steps the Board believes will further improve the company’s standards, controls, and accountabilities.

Board Committees
Members of Dynamic Vision Board of Directors participate in standing Board committees: Audit, Executive, Procurement, and Organization and Compensation.

Board Composition
The DV Board is composed of experienced and diversified background directors.

Board Independence
Board members are independent. Board committees (other than the Executive Committee) are comprised solely of independent directors.

Corporate Governance Documents
Corporate Governance Documents include Dynamic Vision Certificate of Incorporation, Code of Conduct for the Board of Directors. Corporate Governance Guidelines are regularly reviewed and updated, in response to changing regulations and stakeholder concerns.