In Association with Insight Development Consulting Group (IDCG) India, Dynamic Vision (DV) is assigned for “Development and Operationalization of M&E framework for the Energy Division of Ministry of Energy & Water (MEW)”

MEW has formulated the Afghanistan National Energy Policy (NEP), Renewable Energy Policy (REP) and Electricity Services Law (ESL) and recognizes the importance of setting up a structured M&E mechanism to monitor and evaluate the incremental progress of implementation of these to ensure that the objectives of the five years strategic plan of energy sector (2016-2020) are met.

 It is important to mention that a structured monitoring and evaluation system is in place in the Energy Division of MEW in some basic form, but it needs to be further developed and strengthened. Furthermore, for operationalization of the M&E system, significant capacity building needs to be done for effective implementation of the M&E System.


  • A comprehensive Monitoring & Evaluation system/framework for the Energy Division of MEW is developed.
  • The system is populated with the necessary data.
  • Adequate capacity development through trainings is done of the people who would manage the M&E system.