As a Media production company based in Afghanistan, we operate all around the country. Our strengths are flexibility, creativity, interdisciplinary expertise, and innovation. We work professionally, quickly and efficiently always at the highest level, delivering high production value for your production. Our team of talented and highly experienced professionals knows how to achieve the very best results on time, every time. Dynamic Vision is a team of cameraman, editors, sound recorder man, CGI animators, and Photographers who produce corporate films for marketing and training. we also have a department dedicated to stills photography & design.

We Are Different!

We have the newest skills and equipment but what always seems to be the most important aspect to our clients is the close personal customer service that you don’t get from a lot of our competitors. We constantly keep our clients up to date on our progress with daily progress with daily progress reports, we have an extremely fast turnover, we offer value for money and we have a team who knows about every client and project – meaning you don’t have to keep chasing down these small teams who have their phones off or having to leave messages with staff who have never heard of you before getting an answer.

Our Services in Media Production:

Video Production: 

Web Video – Promotional Video – Traning Video – Event Filming – TV Production – Educational Videos – Studio Shoots – Interviews – Testimonial Video – Product Video – Website Presenter – Video Tours – Sports Video – Charity Videos – Case Study Videos – Seminars/Conferences – Media Videos – Video for Email.

Photography Production: 

Events – Product / Catalogue – E-Commerce – Portrait – Advertising – Architecture – Interior Design – Photo Edition.