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Synergic International
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Sustainability Solutions PC (SSPC)

Sustainability Solutions PC (SSPC) is a United States-based Accounting firm that provides auditing services consultancy, advisory, taxation, monitoring & evaluation, research, and surveys. SSPC is approved by USAID OIG/Pretoria to perform Yellow Book audits and is successfully performing such audits for USAID/Afghanistan and around the world. SSPC will work with/through Dynamic Vision to enable transparency, accountability and effective service delivery for the Government, International Donors, NGOs and businesses in Afghanistan. We work in partnership with project implementers to provide efficient and effective management solutions that enable the project to achieve its objectives of making a meaningful and measurable difference in the way intended. Sustainability Solutions has a wealth of experience in the consulting arena. With access to a professional team of over 60 audit staff through our long association with a mid-sized South African auditing firm, we are able to serve our clients all over the world with dedication and tailored advice and audits. Sustainability Solutions can provide professional financial management consulting and auditing services throughout the entire life-cycle of a project – from pre-implementation to implementation to post-implementation. One of the key strengths of Sustainability Solutions lies in the knowledge and experience related to US Government rules and regulations. Our staff have successfully performed many USG audits and carried out numerous assessments related to compliance with USG rules and regulations.

Guinness Gallagher

DV is a strategic partner of Guinness Gallagher Singapore in Afghanistan.