AF-MOMP-147189-CS-QCBS (NPA/MoMP/99/CS-2806/QCBS), Consulting Services for “Engineering Consultancy services for gas field facilities and gas pipeline in Afghanistan, with Phase 1 tasks includes Pre-construction surveys, developing detailed pipeline design and engineering plan, preparation environmental and social documentation, optimization of field facilities; and Phase 2 includes Project planning, management, supervision, quality assurance, technical support and training during construction”

Starting in 2016, AGE began to undertake the construction of a new 89.1 km (12 inches in diameter) Sheberghan-Mazar pipeline (SMPL), and approximately 44 km has been laid and partially trenched along the route of the old structure. Current production of approximately 557 thousand cubic meters per day (Mscmd) to supply the Northern Fertilizer and Power Plant (NFPP) in Mazar, Sheberghan IPP and minor commercial and residential uses in Sheberghan and surrounding townships comes from four productive fields that have been in operation since the 1960s: (a) Jarquduq (42 Mscmd); (b) Khoja Gogerdaq (75 Mscmd); (c) Shakarak (70 Mscmd), which has only one well in production; and Yatimtaq (370 Mscmd of sour gas). The bulk of this natural gas (557 Mscmd) is transported through a 90-kilometer pipeline (commissioned in 1971) connecting the Khoja Gogerdaq natural gas field processing facilities near Sheberghan to the Northern Fertilizer and Power Plant in Mazar-e-Sharif, in Balkh province. The remaining natural gas is distributed through a network of small diameter pipelines to a CNG plant and domestic customers in Sheberghan, in Khoja Dokoh, Aqcha and other villages in Jowzjan.The objective of the assignment will be to provide Ministry of Mines and Petroleum (MoMP), Afghan Oil & Gas Regulatory Agency (AOGRA) and, particularly, Afghan Gas Enterprise with the necessary support, technical advice and training to (a) enable sustained gas supply to existing and prospective off-takers, (b) complete construction of the SMPL, and (c) establish capacity at AGE to effectively operate and maintain field, processing and transport facilities to international engineering operational, monitoring, environmental and social standards.
A. Pre-construction surveying (including topographical, environmental and social, meteorological, geotechnical, cathodic protection, hydrological) as required for the completion of construction of the SMPL.
The component will include conducting all the necessary surveys required for the construction and detailed design along with the provision of all necessary support and basic on-the-job training to selected AGE personnel to conduct the pre-construction surveying for the SMPL; it will include the activities specified below as needed, and will be implemented with full consideration of international standards and best practices: Pipeline centerline survey,
B. Development of Detailed Design and Engineering for completion of the construction of the new SMPL to international engineering and construction standards. The component will entail the development of all necessary Detailed Design and Engineering documents and drawings for the completion of construction of the SMPL including civil, piping, mechanical, instrumentation, and other attendant documentation (studies, technical descriptions, calculations, drawings, etc.) required for pipeline construction under applicable international standards and best practices, national environmental and social frameworks, World Bank Environmental and Social Framework (ESF) and the AGASP Environmental and Social Commitment Plan (ESCP). This will include specification, installation, tie-ins and associated documentation for:
C. Reconfiguration, optimization, testing and commissioning of field facilities -including gathering systems, separation, dehydration, compression and desulfurization (existing amine plant)- by AGE personnel to enable the stable supply of on-specification natural gas to existing and prospective off takers (current production 350 thousand cubic meters per day, required production up to 1 million cubic meters per day).
D. Support and training for the operation and maintenance (O&M) of field and transport facilities by AGE personnel to international engineering, operational, monitoring, HSE and social standards. The component will entail the provision of support to- and on-the-job and tailored training for selected AGE personnel on the operation and maintenance of field and transport facilities in accordance to recommended international standards and recommended practice, including:
E. Training The scope, modality and content of training activities will be fine-tuned and finalized following a joint review of overall planned activities under the contract in consultation with MoMP, AGE and World Bank counterparts. Capacity building will consist of two main workflows: (i) on-the-job training in the course of daily operations and (ii) tailored practical training activities, including:
F. Support environmental and social management of field and transport facilities operations and maintenance, including a) the development of an ESIA and Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP) for the unconstructed portion of the SMPL and a New Amine Plant as well as related plans laid out in the AGASP ESCP (note ESMP for commissioning will cover constructed and unconstructed portions of the pipeline); b) development of a Resettlement Plan (RP) for the unconstructed portion of the SMPL and the New Amine Plant; c) preparation of an ESA for existing field facilities; and d) development and implementation of an on-the-job training program for AGE and other relevant stakeholders to monitor environmental, social and HSE impacts during the construction/installation, commissioning and operations phases of the SMPL and field facilities in accordance with the requirements of the World Bank Environmental and Social Framework and the Environmental and Social Commitment Plan (ESCP).

Subject to the successful completion of PHASE ONE activities, availability of funding and prior notification by the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum:
G. Project planning, management, supervision, quality assurance and technical support for AGE personnel to
Activities under this component will involve:
• Ensuring that construction of the pipeline is undertaken in every aspect in accordance with recognized international engineering, health and safety, environmental and social standards. Ensuring that adequate staffing plans, work schedules, reporting requirements, and standard operating procedures are in place.Listing by discipline and number the personnel required to perform individual activities and ensuring that said personnel are available at the site prior to the commencement of work; Ensuring that quality control of all construction equipment and material and standards for workmanship are observed;Ensuring that the necessary equipment, material and resources are procured on a timely basis and managed effectively to guarantee that they are available and on location for the execution of scheduled construction activities (the Consultant will not be directly engaged in procurement; any required procurement will be undertaken by MoMP and supported by a Procurement Specialist with adequate experience in World Bank procurement rules and procedures).Ensuring that all equipment required for the works are available at the site and they are fully operable and complete with all permits, service records, spares, etc., as may be requested; Receiving, sorting, storing and tagging of all materials required for installation of temporary and permanent works; Ensuring that all specifications, drawings, procedures and construction information are available on the site as required and the construction personnel are familiar with them;
• Ensuring that all permits and approvals have been obtained and that the construction personnel are familiar with their content prior to commencing individual operations; Conducting detailed checkouts of all facilities and equipment following the installation and preparation of “punch lists” for completion; and. Ensuring all checks and tests are made on “As-built” facilities to allow the issuing of the Mechanical Completion Certificate.
• Ensuring that upon completion of construction and prior to handover, commissioning and start up, all required testing has been successfully performed, completed and recorded, and that all applicable certificates have been produced and formally issued.
• Preparing a training program whose implementation should begin during the engineering phase and carry on through fabrication and construction, testing and pre-commissioning, operation and maintenance. SMPL quality control/assurance, commissioning, testing and certification

  • Duration of Assignment

One Year

  • Client

Ministry of Mines and Petroleum (MoMP) / ILF Consulting Engineers Abu Dhabi

  • Start Date / Completion Date

Jun to 2020 Dec 2021