AFGHANISTAN SCALING SOLAR (IFC World Bank) – 40 MW TECHNICAL CONSULTANT ” in Afghanistan (Transaction Advisory)

The main objective of the due diligence phase is to perform the necessary investigations to be able to develop the conceptual layout of the solar plant, interconnection arrangements and develop indicative costing. This phase results in confirmation and recommendations to the suitability of the site and the plant’s capacity to be tendered in order to provide a pack of reliable data that can be issued to bidders with the RFP. Dynamic Vision (DV) will carry out a series of studies as follows.

The aim of this activity is to understand the expected ground conditions and properties of soil and rocks. It also aims at providing information on the nature and extent of any underground obstructions as well as to allow bidders to consider preliminary foundation solutions for the buildings and structures required for the project.

It will be important to establish the hydrological characteristics of the site and any surface runoff that may be experienced as a result of rainfall. This information can then be used to size drainage structures, to define flood lines and ensure the safety of infrastructure from the effects of flooding. The approach involves referring to historical rainfall records for the area as compiled by the Meteorological office.

Basis of an appropriate seismic factor will be proposed for the design of civil structures of PV power plant (buildings, foundations mainly). Seismic intensities will be investigated and mapped based on seismic magnitudes, shear speeds range, resonance, dominant periods and dynamic response. Accordingly, the level of risk will be identified in each zone for the site and an appropriate seismic factor can be estimated and considered in the design of the buildings and foundations by the bidders. DV will carry out a detailed assessment of the site with regard to the access to common infrastructure and facilities such as: Access routes and logistics, Water supply, Sewage/ wastewater disposal, Telecommunications, Power transmission/evacuation capacity, Identification of preferred interconnection route.

DV will support intec and the International E&S Expert with the preparation of the Environmental and Social Scoping Report. The objective of the Environmental and Social (E&S) scoping study is to identify the key E&S issues affecting the Project, related gaps in information, and ways to close such gaps in order to support the Project development in line with IFC Performance Standards as a framework of Good International Industry Practice in Environmental and Social Management.

DV will support intec and the International Grid Integration Expert in this task. The objective of this task is to review the latest version of Grid Code, if available and based on Grid Code and other available Technical Documents, intec and DV will develop a standard “Technical Limits Schedule” for inclusion in PPA with which utility-scale grid connected PV plants shall comply in order to be allowed to be connected and operated at the Afghanistan electricity grid.

With this activity, DV will support intec in enabling competitive and responsive bids providing high quality and appropriate technologies and equipment for the projects. intec and DV will review the tem-plate standard documents (i.e. RfQ, RfP, PPA and GSA) provided by the Client, from a technical perspective, and revise or adapt these templates reflecting the specific requirements of the site.

DV will support intec during the preparation and installation of the measurement stations. DV will per-fom the following:

  1. Summary of the field visit and the gathered information;
  2. Perform site visit according to provided instructions. A digital camera of good quality and a tri-pod that can be levelled horizontally must be available for the site visit
  3. Details of the selected measurement site with exact location (coordinates) and description, pho-tographic documentation and horizon shading analysis;
  4. Arrangement plan (for external services such as transportation, civil works, security, mainte-nance); Safety and environmental considerations (according to World Bank/IFC ESH guidelines);Procedure for obtaining permits and permissions to install and operate the weather station (if required).
  5. Perform customs clearance and delivery to the site. Issue tax exemption to avoid its payment in at the customs.
  6. Perform site preparation according to the provided design (site preparation drawing will be pro-vided by intec). Only small foundations are required. In case of rooftop installation, foundations may not be necessary if bolts can be drilled into concrete. Site preparation must be finished and verified by CSPS based on photographs upon arrival of installation team
  7. Provide transport of measurement equipment to the site (and back after dismantling), including intermediate storage of equipment
  8. Ensure that all required permits and permissions to utilize the site and to install and operate weather stations are available
  9. Provide a suitable SIM card (standard format, 2G compatible, minimum 50 MB/month, post-paid) throughout measurement campaign
  10. Perform one test installation of the station at DV’s office/storage location which will be remotely supported by intec via Whatsapp/Skype/telephone, approx. duration 4-6 hours. This test instal-lation will ensure the appropriate installation on site and that locally procured SIM card is func-tional
  11. Perform installation on site
  12. Identify and hire a local guard service for the measurement station. This guard / these guards will also perform regular cleaning of sensors during measurement campaign. At least one of the guards must be present upon installation of the station to receive the related training. Guards should be able to communicate with intec’s local partner. Ideally, they are capable to send digi-tal photos of the station on request (e.g. by Whatsapp or Email)
  • Duration of Assignment

20 Months

  • Client

IFC – International Finance Corporation

World Bank Group (WBG)

  • Start Date / Completion Date

04 Mar 2019 until 26.Oct 2020