Branding, marketing, outreach, the introduction of business-oriented approaches for expansion and job placement of fresh graduates of Kabul Polytechnic University

Kabul Polytechnic University on 13 October of 1963 was established by the government of Afghanistan. After completion of teaching classrooms and laboratory in 1967, the university began to offer educational service and in the year of 1972 for the first time students from this university graduated. Until 2002 this university was called Kabul Polytechnic Institute then, later on, it became Kabul Polytechnic University.

Until 1980 students studied till bachelor level and till 1992 students could study master level in the field of engineering. In this period people were educated to Ph.D. level. Kabul Polytechnic University from the beginning of its establishment was considered as one of the important entity in providing education and training. The university graduates in all field of engineering were remarkable and tangible. The university has always worked hard to provide a suitable and nurturing environment for development and modernizing in both quality and quantity.

DV’s responsibilities;

  • Required KPU designs developments
  • Event days full media coverage
  • DABS event days documentary development
  • Development of KPU short documentaries required for events promotion prior to the event
  • Development of KPU Promos
  • Development of KPU Teasers
  • Development of video documentaries
  • Development of info-graphic videos
  • Full coverage of events (conferences, workshops, meetings etc.) photography and videography
  • Development of videos for the purpose of business development
  • Media and outreach management
  • Social media analysis and reporting
  • Capacity building training of KPU staff
  • KPU Quarterly magazine design and printing
  • Duration of Assignment

Seventeen Months

  • Client

Kabul Polytechnic University
Ministry of Higher Education Afghanistan

  • Start Date / Completion Date

01 Aug, 2017 – 31 Dec, 2018