Carry out an assessment of Directorate of Agriculture Cooperatives Development (DACD)’s institutional capacity to deliver on its mandate, responsibilities and functions.

To identify DACD’s key organizational, technical and functional capacity and assess the degree to which DACD structure and departments are aligned to deliver its mandates; To propose recommendations on how DACD can be effective and efficient; Develop capacity development plan for DACD based on the recommendations from the assessment.

Project Output:

  • Technical capacity of DACD is assessed and recommendations on how DACD can be effective and efficient are proposed;
  • Governance and management structures of DACD in 34 provinces of Afghanistan targeted provinces are assessed and operational functions are proposed;
  • Operational policies, systems and procedures of DACD is reviewed and standard operating procedures are introduced;
  • Current status of agriculture cooperatives’ functions are assessed and new mechanism for being business oriented agro-cooperatives is introduced;
  • Duration of Assignment

Four Months

  • Client

Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL), French Development Agency (AFD), Horticulture Cooperatives Development Project (HCDP)

  • Start Date / Completion Date

October/2016 – January/2017