Community Mobilization and Risk Management of TAPI Environmental, Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) Plan Process

DV has the Security Provision Contract for the surveys of the project from the Client in order to increase the efficiency of the Security Provision measure intent to allocate a part of its contract’s budget to community development arrangements which can lead to a smooth and safe survey accomplishment. DV shall be require to provide the needed community development arrangement with local community around the project route and also near the Camps location in Heart and Kandahar or any other accommodation facility in between the working route. This Community development arrangement should be in a level that the local people do not interfere the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) project and the teams can go to the sites without need to a significant armed Security escort. DV is committed to avoid to ask for armed security forces of the Contractor to be involved during the survey implementation and solve the probable issues by its community relationships. In Case of any systematic attaché form organized insurgent groups which is not source from the local community groups the contractor will involve its Quick response Force (QRF) teams immediately for defensive security provision and evacuation of the survey teams from the site.

  • Duration of Assignment

03 Months

  • Client

TAPI, Venco Imitiaz Construction Company (VICC), JACOOB, CH2M, NAFTEC, MAB

  • Start Date / Completion Date

Apr 2018 – Jun 2018