Community Outreach and Community Development of 814 km TAPI corridor in Afghanistan five provinces and 21 districts


Herat, Farah, Nimroz, Helmand and Kandahar (21 districts), Afghanistan


Venco Imtiaz Construction Company (VICC) / Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan India (TAPI) Pipeline Ltd.


Three Months


01 Feb, 2018 – 30 Apr, 2018

Consultation, participation and information disclosure forms an integral part of the formulation of this LA involving the people affected by the TAPI project.

Consultations and information disclosure will take place on the individual level with DPs on farms, in homes and in shops, while conducting the data collection of affected households, and carrying out measurements of impacted assets. On the community and other stakeholder levels information will be exchanged regarding the project’s impact to minimize impact and incorporate stakeholder preferences during public meetings held in public offices (District Governors, ARAZI) along the pipeline and in market places.  Feed-back will be provided and concerns will be recorded.

Public information, consultation and participation during LA surveys and LARP preparation, a process expected to continue throughout the life of the project, it will be organized to:

  • Raise awareness about Government of Afghanistan’s plan to construct the gas pipeline from Kushk Herat to Spin Boldak Kandahar;
  • Place into context Government of Afghanistan land acquisition and resettlement requirements and introduce the purpose and content of the LAM 2017 law documents.
  • Explain the importance of the community’s role in supporting/facilitating the implementation of the safeguard measures foreseen for the project.
  • Inform affected people falling within the proposed design corridor about the extent of impact on individual and community assets – agricultural land, trees, dwellings; shops, schools or mosques;
  • Understand the views of the affected persons with reference to acquisition of land or loss of property and its due compensation. (optional in our case, scope of work)
  • Ensure the involvement of affected persons and key informants in valuation exercises to arrive at replacement costs of different types of impacted infrastructure, average incomes of road side businesses, market value of timber and harvested fruit, the market prices of agricultural inputs, annual crop yields and net income from different types of land in the project area.  (optional in our case, scope of work)

Provide support to the LA data collection team by creating a secure working environment to help document a comprehensive inventory of lost assets, identify the displaced persons and confirm their ownership/occupancy of the impacted asset.