Consultancy service for conducting of the Engineering Field Surveys and 25 Irrigation Schemes Designs in Kabul, Parwan and Logar provinces for the CLAP/ID/MAIL

Narrative description of Project:
Carry out Engineering Field Surveys and Irrigation schemes design of command areas of 25 irrigation schemes (Sites) selected in Kabul, Parwarn, and Logar Provinces. It is estimated that anticipated irrigation schemes would cover almost 15,648.4 hectares of command area and 116.7 km length of main and branch irrigation channels. The key areas of DV’s responsibilities were as below:

  1. Engineering Field Surveys
  2. Preparation of Drawings and Maps
  3. Permanent and temporary benchmarking
  4. Digital topographical survey
  5. Walk-through survey
  6. Preparation of Proposed structure plan
  7. Calculate Required Cut and Fill, Drawing Profiles Using Civil 3d
  8. Design of Water Control Structures
  9. Preparing Bill of Quantity and Work Plan
  • Duration of Assignment

06 Months

  • Client

The Government Islamic Republic of Afghanistan/ Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL)/International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)/ Community, Livestock and Agriculture Project (CLAP).

  • Start Date / Completion Date

Mar/2016 – Aug/2016