Consultancy Service on institutional capacity enhancement of Afghanistan Renewable Energy Union (AREU)/ Institutional Development for Energy in Afghanistan (IDEA)
PN: 2015.2000-6-001.04

DV would support AREU for getting equipped with sustainable organizational, capacity development, communication and public relations plans and technical support for development of business concepts.

DV is assigned to work in close cooperation with AREU and GIZ-IDEA as consultant, to provide required services which are listed as follows for AREU:

  • Develop the organizational sustainability plan
  • Develop the business sustainability plan
  • Develop the proper structure and mechanisms for election of the board members and head of AREU
  • Support and organize timely AREU board meeting and member meetings
  • Provide publication, public awareness plan and activities such as factsheet, newsletter webpage concepts.
  • Develop communication and public relations strategy of AREU
  • Develop business opportunities plan for AREU
  • Develop RE concepts for any project implementations that AREU can present them for government and donor agencies for fund-raising
  • Establish a professional relationship between AREU and other relevant unions in the region and International level.
  • Creation of a joint-venture business module or business partnership framework with International companies who have adequate experience and knowledge in RE/EE projects implementation.
  • Develop experience and knowledge exchange plan among AREU members.
  • A research study in the neighboring countries and International fundamental experiences, their best applicable approaches, achievements and policies for standard RE supplies taxation systems.
  • Duration of Assignment

11 Months

  • Client

GIZ/ Ministry of Energy & Water (MEW)/ Afghanistan Renewable Energy Union (AREU)/ Institutional Development for Energy in Afghanistan (IDEA)

  • Start Date / Completion Date

August 2016 – June 2017