Development of a Resilience building package

The resilience building package aims to consider the national and local vulnerability to stress and disaster shocks induced by manmade disasters, especially in education context and the children and adolescents target groups, and that will be used to sustain the resilience of children across Afghanistan. By implementing the activities proposed, the outcome of the program will be a substantial increase in resilience to traumatic events and reduction in disaster’s secondary risks (development of physical and mental illness) and loss of lives. It will also focus on building resilience on potential natural and manmade disaster shocks and stress as well protection of vulnerable people across the Afghanistan. Developing the resilience building package will be implemented over 5 months, of which the initial 4 months will function as an inception, implementation and review phase, and the final one month as the dissemination and closure phase.

With this backdrop CiC wishes to engage Dynamic Vision as consultant to develop this package, pilot the outcome model to test its relevance, impact and practical applicability.

  • Development of a resilience building package
  • Implement the pilot intervention/ activities as a model for the development of resilience.
  • Document the results, lesson and challenges and communicate with the CiC and other stakeholders.
  • Prepare implementation module for further scaling up and implementation in new areas.

  • Duration of Assignment

1.5 Months

  • Client

Children In Crisis UK

  • Start Date / Completion Date

01 Nov 21 to 15 Dec 22