Development of Standard training package for certified Micro Hydro Power training and certification board for Micro Hydro Technicians.

This project included the development of curriculum, certification board, and online testing application for Micro Hydro Power Technicians program.

The main deliverables were as below:

  • Brief notes or professional comments on gaps analysis of the existing curriculums highlighting weakness and strengths.
  • A standard Job Task Analysis (JTA) for MHP certified technician after being approved by relevant stakeholders
  • Approved version of MHP course syllabus after incorporating professional views of relevant stakeholders
  • Development of MHP course guidebook (handbook), Lab tests manual, proposed grading policy, sample questions for review and comments of all related key stakeholders
  • Complete Training Package for 5 days ToT training including but not limited to; Slides, Handouts, Exercises, Case Studies, Practical tests, certification process flow chart, videos, draft version of training methodology, pre and post assessment tests, evaluation sheets
  • ToR stating responsibilities, level of authority, pre-requirements (criteria) for becoming authorized member of Certification Board.
  • Criteria for certification and questions bank to be developed from the final approved version of MHP curriculum
  • Duration of Assignment

Two Months

  • Client

GIZ / Ministry of Energy & Water (MEW)

  • Start Date / Completion Date

Jun/2016 – Jul/2016