Engineering Services for Drilling of Two Exploitation Wells in Yatimtaq Gas Field

Mobilization and Demobilization: The contractor shall provide all logistical services required to mobilize and demobilize the Rig and all required equipment, materials and personnel into Afghanistan to complete the scope of works, including customs clearance and logistics. The Ministry will provide assistance with approval from the relevant governmental authorities, but the ultimate responsibility for mobilization and demobilization is with the contractor.

Mud Program – including Drilling Fluids and Additives: Contractor shall supply all drilling fluids and equipment, including, but not limited to mud circulation and treatment equipment and mud logging unit.  Reserve and disposal pits will be constructed to Contractor specifications by Ministry.  Dry material shall be protected from the elements.  Appropriate storage facilities will be made available by Ministry.

Logging and Other Wireline Services (including Casing Integrity and Cement Bond): Contractor shall provide all necessary equipment for open-hole and cased-hole logging based on the approved designs. Cased-hole logging shall include cement bond log, GR/CCL, and cased-hole neutron or comparable formation evaluation tools.  Open-hole logs shall include resistivity, density/neutron porosity, sonic porosity, and gamma ray.

Provision of Camp and Security at Project Site: Contractor shall provide a secured camp facility for housing all required personnel for the scope of work. The contractor is also responsible for transportation security of the equipment and personnel on roadways. The camp facilities will be included first medical aid services. The comp will be used by designated owner’s engineers to be engaged by the Ministry.

Safety Procedures and Equipment: Both the wells are expected to contain potentially dangerous levels of H2S and CO2.  Contractor will be expected to provide detection/warning systems and personal protective equipment sufficient for Contractor personnel and other persons authorized to be at the well sites or within the area of potential exposure during operations at which a risk of release existing.  Authorized persons include Ministry representatives and personnel observing operations, Contractor or Ministry invitees, and guards and other security personnel.

Well Completion Program – Completing Both wells and into Producing Wells: Contractor shall provide specifications for and supply all required tubular goods, including casing, tubing, and liner, together with packers, hangers, spools, and attachments, and all materials and equipment required for the approved casing, cementing, and completion programs, including operations, including, but not limited to, cement and cement additives, pumps, mixers bulk storage bins, mix water tanks, cementing heads, plugs, and float collars equipment and materials.

Well Control Program and Equipment, including Blowout Preventer (BOPs): The Contractor is required to provide Well Control Program and all the relevant equipment needed to enforce the well control program including the Blowout Preventer (BOPs).

  • Duration of Assignment

01 Year 

  • Client

Xinjiang Zhengtong Afghanistan Technology Service Co. Ltd

  • Start Date / Completion Date

Jan 2021 Dec 2021