Grant No. 0464/0465-AFG: Energy Supply Improvement Investment Program- T 1 Preparation of the predesign report of the 220kv Kabul-Jalalabad TL and Substation (Conduct the financial and economic assessment of the project by preparing the financial and economic model)

Preparation of a project pre-design report including Social & Environmental Assessment and Financial and Economic Studies for an approximately 200 km 220 kV double circuit overhead transmission line [OHL] from Kabul (Arghundy) to Jalalabad. Preparation of bid document preparation will not be included in the scope of services. The OHL route shall follow the new road from Kabul to Jalalabad.Starting point of the OHL is the new 500 / 220kV Arghandy substation. It is assumed, that a fully equipped bay is available at this substation to connect the OHL.

New Substations to be connected to the new 220kV OHL include Shaikh Mesri Substation 220/20kV. DABS will provide information on the required switchgear in the substation. Otherwise the substations will be designed as follows: Only one of the two circuits of the OHL will be connected to the substation. The 220kV, 110kV and 20kV switchgear of the substation will be air insulated. Space will be provided for two 220/110 kV, 50 MVA transformers as well as two 110/20 kV, 16 MVA transformers. The substation will be initially equipped with only one transformer for each voltage level.

Prepare a conceptual design for substation and transmission line. The substation design should follow the same technical standards as per recently approved ADB projects in Afghanistan in terms of switchgear, protection, SCADA and communication design established for other recent projects. The transmission line should follow preparation of engineering designs and general technical specification of transmission lines, including towers, conductors, insulators, ground wires, etc. in accordance with relevant technical standards.

Conduct the financial and economic assessment of the project by preparing the financial and economic model Conduct an economic evaluation of the project taking into account economic costs and benefits (including carbon credits) following ADB’s Guidelines for the Economic Analysis of Projects (1997), Handbook on Economic Evaluation of Environmental Impacts; and Financial Management and Analysis of Projects (2005); Work closely with the team in the development of the financial model and corresponding analysis and evaluation.

  • Duration of Assignment

02 Months

  • Client

Asian Development Bank (ADB)
Energy Division, CWRD
Central and West Asia Department

  • Start Date / Completion Date

Aug 2017 – Oct 2017