Helmand – Urozgan Transmission Line & Substation Project field survey, conceptual design, Environmental Examination (IEE) report, Land Acquisition Resettlement Plan, Land Acquisition Resettlement Framework (LARF), Resettlement Action Plan (LAP)) preparations, financial and economic assessment of the project by preparing the financial and economic model for the substation and transmission line.

The project consists of a new 220/20 kV substation at Tarinkot city of Uruzgan province with a capacity of 2×16 MVA which will be connected to Kajaki 220/13.8 kV substation at about 98.4 km distance via a single circuit 220 kV transmission line. The Tarinkot 220/20 kV substation proposed site is at the north-east end of the proposed 220 kV transmission line which comes from the 220/13.8 kV Kajaki substation in Helmand province.

Following is the list of studies and reports that shall be prepared by the consultants for every five provinces:

  • IEE report:
    When the environmental impacts of the project is not very significant then an IEE (Initial Environmental Examination) is being executed, which is a relatively short and simple study. However, if the potential impacts appear to be more significant, then an EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) is being executed, which is a more detailed and comprehensive study of environmental impacts. IEE Report for the mentioned project shall be developed based on the following parts: Physical Resources, Ecological Baseline, Economic Development, Social and Cultural Resources
  • LARP report:
    The LARP (Land Acquisition & Resettlement Plan) includes measures on avoiding/minimizing land acquisition and resettlement impacts. It provides principles on compensation and entitlements. Enhance, or at least restore, the livelihoods of all Aps (Affected People)/DPs (Displaced People) in real terms relative to pre-project levels. LARP Report for the mentioned project shall be developed based on the following parts:GPS coordinates of each village, Village Details, Land ownership types, Consultation meetings in villages, Registering small losses, Price of land types, Trees, fruits, wood and fuel in the villages, Pictures of each type of land and assets, Project location
  • Technical report:
    Technical report is intended primarily for the long-term archiving of results and descriptions that are not suitable for publication as a paper or a monograph due to their length or nature. Technical reports for the project shall be developed by technical consultants. Data required for developing technical report is based on the following points:GPS coordinates of the route (Each village), Topography , Type of soil, Population of each village , Type of land ownership (Governmental, Private), Location of Schools, Residential Buildings, Hospitals and Mosques in each village, Possibilities of transportation and access to the site in each village, Pictures of each village in the route of transmission line
  • Bidding documents for five provinces:
    These include the prescribed bid form, drawings, specifications, timelines, charts, price breakdowns, etc. Technical Specification, describe goods or works to be produced, Inform the bidders of criteria for evaluation, Define conditions of contract, Components, Language, Financial component, Payment conditions, Bid Security, General conditions of contract, Bidding documents common issues.
  • Duration of Assignment

08 Months

  • Client

Asian Development Bank (ADB) Energy Division, De Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS)

  • Start Date / Completion Date

Jan 2019 – Aug 2019