Improvement of Power Supply by Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

The overall objective of the DV’s Assignment is the development of program design for the FC Energy Program, covering the project components. As the availability of information and the extent of preparatory work for the different components differ significantly, the specific objective and level of detail for each component shall be the following: For the first two components (transmission /distribution and utility grade on-grid Solar PV), the objective of the assignment is to conduct a screening of concrete project proposals, in order to obtain a list of potential projects. After developing of the list, DV shall conduct an analysis and pre-feasibility studies for the selected projects from the list including an initial environmental and social impact analyses. For the EE component (LED Program and solar water heaters), the objective is a more general definition of the scope and potential of energy efficiency measures to be financed in the framework of the Program and identification of a suitable Project Executing Agency. In addition, DV shall implement an analysis of the suitability of DABS as the project executing agency of each of the components and analyses whether other institutions in Afghanistan might be an adequate PEA for the respective component. Further, DV shall identify and develop complementary technical support measures to ensure sustainable operation of investments.

Based on existing studies and other available documents as listed in the annex to the ToR and based on the results of the scoping mission to Afghanistan, DV shall support DABS in concretizing the scope of the Program Improvement of Power Supply by Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency and identify suitable projects for financing within the program. The selected and evaluated project sites should be located in the Northern Regions of Afghanistan such as Balkh, Badakshan, Takhar, & Samangan, with an optional extension to measures in other regions with a stable security situation. Identification of further project ideas and locations shall be done in consultation with the local partner institutions DABS, MEW and donors agencies. At the beginning of the assignment, DV will attend a half-day kick-off meeting at KfW premises in Frankfurt, where DV will have the chance to present the proposed implementation approach of the assignment and receive feedback. The final result of the assignment will be a Program Design Report, presenting the results of the assignments as well as the scope and shape of each of the four components of the Program

  • Duration of Assignment

06 Months

  • Client

KFW Development Bank
GOPA-International Energy Consultants GmbH
Justus-von-Liebig-Str. 1, 61352 Bad Homburg v. d. H., Germany

  • Start Date / Completion Date

12 Oct, 2018 – 31 Mar, 2019