Investment Promotion Desk Development project of Ministry of Energy & Water (MEW) of Afghanistan

Areas of Performance Service by the Local Partner

  • Design and Establishment of IPD:
  • Study broad policy framework for setting up power projects in Afghanistan.
  • Identify and finalize key tasks/activities of the Investment Promotion Desk in consultation with the
  • Deputy Minister, MEW.
  • Design an appropriate organization structure for the Investment Promotion Desk.
  • Prepare job descriptions for each position of the Investment Promotion Desk and assist the Deputy Minister in (to) filling these positions with appropriate staff.
  • Prepare a various information material in the form of brochures/flyers/pamphlets and other related information documents for the private power companies.
  • Prepare comprehensive guidelines for private investments in the Afghanistan power sector.
  • Coordinate with related Ministries/Agencies to identify approval processes and document the same.
    Operationalization and Hand Holding of the IPD:
  • Operationalize the Investment Promotion Desk.
  • Oversee the functioning of the Desk and assist in resolving all promising issues which may arise.
  • Advise MEW in preparing all relevant analysis/notes/proposals for project negotiations and approvals.
  • Bid Process Management for the award of power projects to private power companies.
  • Assist MEW in drafting/negotiating various project agreements, such as (the) Land Lease
  • Agreements, Power Purchase Agreements etc.
  • Capacity Building of IPD Staff in the following areas:
  • Public policy formulation, particularly for the private sector.
  • Project appraisal.
  • Preparation of information brochures/documents.
  • Bid process management.
  • Tariff analysis.
  • PPA negotiations
  • In addition to the above mentioned tasks the Local professional also need to fulfil the following activities exclusively
  • Conducting required studies to form basis for the execution of the assignment
  • Provide guidance in preparation of supporting documentation and review of documentation
  • Collect all necessary data / information from relevant sources along with development, analysis and maintenance of required database.
  • Translate the relevant information in English/Dari Language.
  • Co-ordination with MEW and GIZ during the project tenure
  • Assist to provide the necessary training to MEW and other relevant agencies
  • Prepare time lines for the action plans in the form of bar charts. Identify and assign responsibilities against each activity in the action plans.
  • In order to achieve each goal / target, the consultant shall identify in sufficient detail the activities and works required including the kind of agencies which will carry out these tasks including data collection and local co-ordination.
  • Present the final products to the MEW Energy Division and other relevant entities through a workshop.
  • Duration of Assignment

Five Months

  • Client

GIZ Afghanistan
Ministry of Energy & Water (MEW)
Yew Consultancy Service Private Limited of India

  • Start Date / Completion Date

01 Nov, 2017 – 31 Mar, 2018