Load Flow Study of North East Power System (NEPS)/ Southern Electric Power System (SEPS) for Kabul

This report outlines the results of the power flow analysis task performed on HV level on the NEPS mainly in Kabul and adjacent regions in order to demonstrate the availability of the amount of power which can be put NEPS – SEPS connector supply in Arghandeh substation. The load flow is done on DABS existing and future power systems at HV level. The interconnecting point between NEPS and SEPS is the Arghandeh substation which will also supply Kabul metropolitan area, Jalalabad (future), Logar-Gardez-Khost and Wardak-Ghazni-Kandahar. Four scenarios are evaluated which are detailed in the following sections and in each scenario the study results are analyzed to determine the available power through the NEPS – SEPS connector supply point. Currently the Afghanistan power system is mainly divided into two parts e.g. NEPS and SEPS.

This report presents the load flow analysis for the NEPS – SEPS connector supply in order to find out the amount of available power which can be supplied on Arghandeh terminal. Four different scenarios are being studied under this task which will evaluate the supply and demand of the following components for the 2018, 2021, and 2024 years.

Four scenarios are being considered in this study. The aim of this study is to evaluate the mentioned scenarios and see if the NEPS – SEPS connector supply can accommodate the extra power which will be transferred to Kandahar substation. The following questions will be answered for each scenario:

Are the voltages of every bus-bar in the power system acceptable?
What is the loading of the different components in the power system? (Transformers, transmission lines, generators, etc.)
How much more power can be placed on the transmission lines?
Does the power system have a weakness?
This report will conclude the results of power flow study for all of the four scenarios and will give information on the present situation of the system as well as the future expansions.

  • Duration of Assignment

Two Months

  • Client

United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Asian Development Bank (ADB), DABS

  • Start Date / Completion Date

01 January, 2018, 28 February, 2018