Long Term Arrangement for Multimedia Production for UNICEF Afghanistan

By uplifting the knowledge of specific beneficiaries of UNICEF’s programs and public in general, as the target audience, this project will leave a remarkable impact as they are the ones who will be in direct interaction with the Afghan children. Their intellect can be very easily improved by using the different media platforms developed. So, this proposed project will result in the added knowledge for the Afghan citizens about the significance of UNICEF’s different approaches and plans for the development of the country as a whole.

DV will provide the technical support to the UNICEF to commission high quality short videos, PSAs, Radios PSAs, Video & Audio documentaries, animation products, photo essays and graphics for presentation (social media, posters, power point). To have all these produced, our project team will design, script, produce, film, edit and subtitle different media campaigns of UNICEF. This will assure that UNICEF has the community support and safe access it needs to effectively deliver results for children.

  • Duration of Assignment
One Year
  • Client
UNICEF Afghanistan
  • Start Date / Completion Date
15 Oct, 2017 – 14 Oct, 2018