National Research on return and reintegration in Afghanistan

The objectives of the research are:

  1. To broaden understanding around the pull and push factors of migration and displacement in the socio-cultural, economic, and political context of Afghanistan.
  2. To assess the extent to which the existing policies and services in Afghanistan address the specific needs of returnees and host communities from return preparation to the reintegration stage.
  3. To explore the migration experiences between destination countries (particularly Europe and Turkey) and Afghanistan, focusing on policies and programmes that facilitate successful return and sustainable reintegration.
  4. To assess the capacity of high return communities, both in rural and urban settings, to provide an enabling environment for sustainable reintegration.
  5. To assess the effectiveness of applying disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptation and circular economy approaches to small- and medium-sized enterprise (SME) investments in Afghanistan.
  6. To broaden understanding on the effectiveness of investment in productive infrastructures in contrast with the livelihood activities considering the context, capacities and vulnerabilities of returnees at the individual, household and community levels.
  7. To assess the specific health needs of Afghan migrants returning from Europe to Afghanistan and the extent to which their needs (social, psychological and economic) needs are being met.
  8. To explore how social (re-)integration processes can facilitate social cohesion in the broader community and contribute to sustainable peace in Afghanistan.
  • Duration of Assignment

6 Months

  • Client

International Organization for Migration (IOM)

  • Start Date / Completion Date

20 Oct, 2021 to 19 May, 2022