Organizing, management and mass media coverage of International Agfair 2017

Kabul is host to nineteenth Kabul International Ag-Fair, Oct 18-20, 2017 at Badam Bagh Agricultural Farm. Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock has the honor to host this exhibition with the slogan of “Buying Afghan Products; Boosting Afghan Economy!”
More than 240 booths are presenting agricultural and related products including; fresh and dry fruits, crops, grains, dairy products, poultry products, honey, saffron, agricultural machinery, industrial plants, juices, oil, and nurseries. In addition, the Ag-Fair offers women-handicrafts.

Farmers, producers and entrepreneurs; including more than 160 companies; from 34 provinces have been invited to display their products. We have the honor of inviting more than thirteen neighboring and regional countries to send their entrepreneurs here to Kabul. These countries are UAE, Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, Russia, China, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Iran, Kazakhstan and a number of regional countries. We are sure domestic and foreign investors will optimize this opportunity.

High level government authorities and guests from the country and abroad, are visiting the Ag-Fair on the

first day. The second day of the exhibition is for the public. In addition business to business (B2B) program will allow domestic and international business people to meet and discuss business opportunities.

On day three, in addition to continuing the program, there will be comprehensive discussion and dialogue among traders and investors to find solutions to the challenges they face in developing and marketing agricultural products. In the Ag-Fair we have arranged special site for traders and investors to conduct business, enter into contracts and explore ways to enhance trade and investment. Families and beloved children will be able to enjoy the entertainment opportunities provided. This year, the theme is marketing domestic products with emphasis on agricultural products. Consuming the best quality domestic products is contribution to the economic development of the country. People are eager to contribute to farmers’ and national economy by supporting domestic products. And we are allowing them to do so.

“Buying Afghan Products; Boosting Afghan Economy”

DV’s responsibilities;
• Required Agfair designs developments
• Event days full media coverage
• Agfair event days documentary development
• Development of Agfair short documentaries required for events promotion prior to the event
• Development of Agfair Promos
• Development of Agfair Teasers
• Development of video documentaries
• Full coverage of events (conferences, workshops, meetings etc.) photography and videography
• Development of videos for the purpose of business development
• Media and outreach management

  • Duration of Assignment

03 Months

  • Client

Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation & Livestock (MAIL), Private Sector Development Directorate

  • Start Date / Completion Date

01 Aug, 2017 – 30 Oct,2017