Organizing, management and mass media coverage of Kabul Polytechnic University (KPU) EXPO 2017

Kabul Polytechnic University with the support of USWDP is organizing “KPU Expo 2017” in 2017. KPU Expo 2017 is design to invite and engage high government officials, government entities, private sector, donor committee, embassies, students and local community for three days in KPU compound.

The activities are designed to engage students, faculty, alumni, engineering communities and private sectors in this interesting event which showcase the engineering and technology professions and increase interest in appreciation of the complex ways in which engineering and technology impact the world around us.

The purpose of the KPU expo is to showcase KPU achievements and existing capabilities to community partners in order to forge new collaborations as well as to attract support and collaborative initiatives in three main areas; 1) Provide opportunity for student to communicate with Gov/Private sector to find jobs 2) curriculum and program partnership opportunities, 3) joint research and development projects, 4) alumni and university friends’ support, also we are looking to connect private sector to government sector for more business opportunities and linkages. 5) Enable privet sector to showcase their product/ to academics.

Estimated Audience:

Top government and sectorial ministries officials (100) Prominent KPU Alumni (1200) Afghan Construction and Engineering Industry representatives (100) KPU partner agencies’ representatives (50) NGO’s and donor agencies’ representatives (50) Public/private universities’ representatives (50) University Industrial Council members (50) Professional Association and International Organizations representatives (50) Senior students and alumni (250)

KPU Expo Exhibitor Profile

KPU Expo 2017 is the meeting point for specialists in the construction and building materials, services and contracting sectors, encompassing a wide product range including:

  • Ministries & Government entities
  • Donor committee
  • Embassies
  • National Procurement Agency
  • Afghan National Standard Authority
  • Large industries and enterprises
  • Construction Design, Engineering companies
  • Contracting Companies
  • Universities and Engineering institutions
  • Electronics suppliers and companies
  • Smart Building Technologies
  • Mechanical machineries and companies
  • Food processing and chemical companies
  • Mines and Gemstones
  • Technology companies
  • Activities and Goals

Strengthen and expand industry partnerships.

  1. Strengthen and broaden community partnerships.
  2. Establish KPU’s role as a primary provider of workforce and economic development initiatives in Afghanistan.
  3. Business to business linkages, share of business concepts and proposals.
  4. Market linkages with local companies and international partners.
  5. Contribute to national and international publicity.
  6. Showcase KPU capabilities in providing technical and consultancy services to the community and market      DV’s responsibilities;
  • Required KPU EXPO 2017 designs developments
  • Event days full media coverage
  • KPU EXPO 2017 event days documentary development
  • Development of KPU EXPO 2017 short documentaries required for events promotion prior to the event
  • Development of KPU EXPO 2017 Promos
  • Development of KPU EXPO 2017 Teasers
  • Development of video documentaries
  • Full coverage of events (conferences, workshops, meetings etc.) photography and videography
  • Development of videos for the purpose of business development
  • Media and outreach management
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  • Duration of Assignment

Six Months

  • Client

Kabul Polytechnic University (KPU)
Ministry of Higher Education Afghanistan

  • Start Date / Completion Date

01 Jun, 2017 – 30 Nov,2017