Pre-Feasibility Study For Wind Power Plant Potential In Afghanistan

The expected duration of the assignment is 6-8 weeks for the site-specific pre-feasibility reports after evaluation of shortlisted 4 sites. For each technically viable site, technical review (including but not limited to outlining details, (aerial) photography and other evidence to the suitability of land), E&S review, wind resource assessment and financial analysis would need to be undertaken. The Consultant will prepare a summary report, synthesizing the results of the technical, E&S (including but not limited to stakeholder engagement and consultation, land acquisition requirements, E&S/reputational risks, biodiversity literature review, etc), wind resource assessment and financial analyses. In addition, Wind site Criteria Checklist would need to be provided for each site.

In terms of level of effort anticipated for pre-screening – IFC anticipates that the consultant will shortlist areas using WB GIS tool and government shared data of available sites, and the level of effort in reviewing/ evaluating available data may not be more than one man-day per site, on average. The level of effort in visiting site/ evaluating available date may not be more than 3 man-days per site, on average, for site assessments of 4 shortlisted sites. Consultant will review, translate into English and document land permits, historical data and flag any foreseeable legal/technical/E&S complications. Moreover, assist in resolving any issue that may arise during the selection of site and, assist MoEW and government entities during the process. Consultant shall not limit the scope of work to the tools provided by IFC/ WBG but include additional industry best practices and local sector expertise as required to flag concerns/ opportunities inorder to ensure high quality deliverables.

Consultant appointed under this assignment will need to:

review and familiarize themselves with IFC’s E&S Performance Standards1 and with the WBG’s EHS Guideline for the Wind Energy2 ; serve as an interlocutor and coordinator on the ground, between IFC/ WBG team, and government stakeholders, to ensure the smooth selection of a project site;
present/ document findings for various internal and external stakeholders to ensure understanding of the project site and issues; as well as provide summaries in both English and Dari of relevant documents for stakeholders (IFC, MoEW and others); coordinate at the direction of IFC with relevant ministries / government entities for ensuring necessary site related arrangements (including ownership) are in place.

  • Duration of Assignment

01 Months

  • Client
IFC – International Finance Corporation

World Bank Group (WBG)

  • Start Date / Completion Date
Mar 2019 to Apr 2019