Provision of mass media communication and outreach management services to Elba Ariana Model United Nations

Elba Ariana Model United Nations was established by intellectual Afghan young leaders. Elba Ariana MUN is the largest world-class Model United Nations conference organizer in Afghanistan which, hosts Model UN conferences by bringing together young leaders from all over the world. The conference gives an opportunity for young leaders and diplomats to practice diplomacy and exchange views on current global issues. Each Delegate will be assigned to represent a member-state of the United Nations. This conference will be a great opportunity for the participants to not only experience diplomacy by engaging in debates and negotiations, but also to learn about the United Nations’ works.

The whole session will be conducted according to the Rules of Procedure of the United Nations General Assembly. A Dias including Chair with the help of Co-chair will conduct the sessions. We want the Kabul University MUN to be a platform where, the delegates can use the best of their time; exchanging their ideas and perspectives with each other. Hence, Kabul University MUN highly encourages participants to take part in this conference and use from the great opportunities that the conference provides to them

DV’s responsibilities;

  • Required EAMUN designs developments
  • Event days full media coverage
  • EAMUN event days documentary development
  • Development of EAMUN short documentaries required for events promotion prior to the event
  • Development of EAMUN Promos
  • Development of EAMUN Teasers
  • Development of video documentaries
  • Full coverage of events (conferences, workshops, meetings etc.) photography and videography
  • Development of videos for the purpose of business development
  • Duration of Assignment
Eight Months
  • Client
Elba Ariana Model United Nations
  • Start Date / Completion Date
01 November, 2017 – 31 June, 2018