Provision of Mass Media Communication Services to Unlock The Power

Unlock the power is a series of seminars which will change the perspective of participants about life and will train them to become market oriented which will train them to become future Entrepreneurs. Unlock the power seminars will work on self-motivation, goal setting, planning, interpersonal skills, and interpersonal skills of students.

DV’s responsibilities;

  • Required Unlock The Power designs developments
  • Event days full media coverage
  • Unlock The Power event days documentary development
  • Development of Unlock The Power short documentaries required for events promotion prior to the event
  • Development of video documentaries
  • Full coverage of events (conferences, workshops, meetings etc.) photography and videography
  • Development of videos for the purpose of business development
  • Duration of Assignment

One Week

  • Client

Unlock The Power

  • Start Date / Completion Date

1 to 10 January, 2018