Public Park Improvement and Construction in Mihtarlam city – Laghman Province SUBCONTRACT # SHAHAR-MDF-SBK-MTM-001 UNDER USAID/DAI PRIME CONTRACT # AID-306-C-14-00016 Strong Hubs for Afghan Hope and Resilience (SHAHAR) Subproject No. SHAHAR-MDF-MTM-002

Scope of work for 796m long Boundary wall, Three Main Gates, and 1641m long path way.

  • Mobilization/ Demobilization, Including site Preparation, Transferring of equipment to project site, Containers for Material and Equipment and etc…
  • PPE, Including safety cloths for labors and skilled labors, safety equipment and tools for construction activities
  • Excavation for Foundation along with foundations of main gates footings
  • PCC work for bed of boundary wall and for footing of main gates
  • Stone masonry for boundary walls with 1:5 mix ratio
  • Pointing with 1:3 mix ratio
  • Back Filling with proper compaction
  • Steel Fence around boundary wall with all necessary work
  • RCC work for footings, main gates Columns, and copping of top of stone masonry wall with M150(1:2:4)
  • Plaster work with 1:5 for Columns, Copings of Columns, and plaster for copping of RCC sides in top of stone masonry wall
  • Compaction of pathway’s base
  • Cobble stone under PCC layer with 15cm thick
  • PCC under mosaic with 10cm thick M150(1:2:4) mosaic for pathway
  • Curb for pathway with (50x25x6)cm
  • Metal Main Gates (2 number)
  • Plastic pipe for watering the Greenery
  • Mosaic for pathway, the thick should be not less than 4cm
  • Mortar under mosaic with M150
  • Grading of the site
  • Engineering Lab tests
  • Opening and Closing ceremony
  • Duration of Assignment

7 Months

  • Client

Strong Hubs for Afghan Hope and Resilience (SHAHAR) Project,

  • Start Date / Completion Date

May 2017 – November 2017