Rehabilitation and Establishment of Citizen Service Center in Chaharikar Municipality SUBCONTRACT # SHAHAR-CSC-CRK-16-001, UNDER USAID/DAI PRIME CONTRACT # AID-306-C-14-00016 Strong Hubs for Afghan Hope and Resilience (SHAHAR)


Charekar, Parwan, Afghanistan


Strong Hubs for Afghan Hope and Resilience (SHAHAR) Project, DAI GLOBAL LLC, USAID


3 Months


July 2016 – September 2016
  • Plan Cement Concrete (PCC) for damaged area of demolished walls (M:150).
  • Construction of PVC -8000 Partitions, doors, glass T=5 mm and cabinet desks based on the drawing and all required activities including material costs.
  • Cement Plastering with M1:4 for damaged area of demolished walls with all required activities.
  • Applying 3 coat 100% plastic painting of CSC Hall with all required activities such clearing the existing paints and repairing the damaged parts.
  • Electrical distributing system. The activities are include supply and installation of electrical items such as, fuse box medium size, automatic fuses 2 each, conduit 25x25 mm as drawing, running power cable 1x 6mm2 flexible, power outlet (socket) 15 AMP 10 each.
  • Computer networking system complete. The activities include supply and installation of all items such as one pitch panel 24 ports, five faceplate double port Rj45, ducking 25x25 mm, Ethernet cable Cat-6 UTP, and one network switch 16 port.
  • Safety and Environmental mitigations
  • Including safety clothes for labors and skilled labors, safety equipment and tools for construction activities.
  • De-mobilization
  • Including site cleaning, removing of debris and transferring of machineries and equipment and etc