Survey, Topography, Geotechnical, ESIA, Engineering and Management services to Puzlech 4.5 MW Hydro Power Stations in Ghor

The services included; Air Quality / GHG Assessments, Archaeology / Built Heritage and Cultural Heritage, Best Available Techniques Assessment (BAT), Compliance and Regulatory Tracking, Construction and Environmental Management Plans (CEMP), Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Health Impact Assessment, Health, Safety and Security, Hydrogeology and Hydrology, Land Quality and Impact, Land Use Planning and Agriculture, Noise and Vibration Assessment and Mitigation, Online Digital Solutions; Preparation of Biodiversity Action Plans (BAP) and Habitat Restoration, Product and Service Sustainability, Social Impact, Stakeholder and Community Engagement, Socio Economic Assessment, Strategic Environmental Assessment, Terrestrial and Marine Ecology, water Quality, project management and supervision.

  • Duration of Assignment

11 Months

  • Client

Rus Electro Company and Balt Hdyro Group, Afghan Shaheen Construction Company

  • Start Date / Completion Date

Feb 2015 – Jan 2016