TA-9396 AFG: Second Support for Infrastructure Investments and Policy – 03 Third Party Monitoring to review the impact of Land Acquisition and Resettlement (LAR) (51173-001)

The firm will be required to conduct monitoring for the transport projects and prepare reports detailing the extent of physical and economic displacement and associated compensation and other mitigation measures implemented, against those specified in the land acquisition and resettlement frameworks and plans. The structure of these reports will need to be agreed with ADB in advance to clarify what specific type of information will be required for monitoring for each project. The firm has the responsibility for the security of all staff assigned. The consulting firm will share each project monitoring report with ADB directly. The firm will compile the findings from the individual reports into a final report, with chainage-wise status of construction and land acquisition and resettlement (LAR) impact. These reports and recommendations will assist MoT and ADB, in confirming the status and magnitude of physical and economic displacements occurred due to construction of these road projects.

Prior to undertaking the site visits, the consulting firm will have to study all relevant reports (including project progress reports), projects’ monitoring and evaluation frameworks that have been previously developed and consult with sector teams and Project Management Office (PMO) in MoT. The purpose of the consultation is to get understanding of each project’s key impact, outcome, and output indicators for the projects. If necessary, the already developed monitoring framework is further refined. The refinement shall concentrate on social safeguards and land acquisition and resettlement aspects.

DETAILED TASKS ON THE MONITORING OF THE PROJECTS: The firm will provide chainage-wise data on status of construction and LAR impact. The firm will also assess the following:

Conduct chainage-wise reconnaissance visit to all the identified subprojects/sections to find out the status of construction and LAR impact.
Assess compliance with ADB Safeguards Policy Statement (SPS 2009) with respect to involuntary resettlement.
Check the progress of construction activities in sections with/without LAR impact.
Check whether meaningful consultations have been conducted with the affected communities.
Review and assess existence, functionality and knowledge of the grievance redress mechanism among the people.

  • Duration of Assignment

03 Months

  • Client
6 ADB Avenue Mandaluyong City 1550 Metro Manila, Philippines
  • Start Date / Completion Date
21 March to 20 May 2020