Training Service Provider for Grape, Raisin and Orchard Crops Sectors RADP-W-RFP-2015-0006

The Regional Agricultural Development Program-West (RADP-West) is a USAID program implemented by Chemonics International in Afghanistan. The goal of RADP-W is to improve food and economic security for- rural Afghans in Badghis, Farah, and Herat provinces. The focus is on improving the productivity and profitability of targeted value chains in the wheat, high-value crop, and livestock sectors. This sustainable agricultural development program supports the consolidation of licit economics to fuel economic growth and provide alternatives to poppy cultivation. RADP-W achieves its objectives through a longer-term value chain approach designed to address sustainability, as well as supporting policy, legal, and regulatory development.

The objective of this subcontract is to provide training targeting male and female farmers and farmer groups to support the RADP-West High Value Crops activities, specifically on training and capacity building in the grapes/raisins production and orchard crops sectors. The Subcontractor shall support activities in the following target districts of Herat Province: Injil, Guzara, Pashtun Zarghun, Karukh, Kushk, and Shindand.

DV shall be responsible for developing all training materials, including PowerPoint presentations, handouts, and pre and post-test assessments, and delivering all training topics, to a total of 1,450 farmer beneficiaries, including 200 female farmers (100 female farmers for grapes and raisins and 100 for orchard crops); grapes and raisins training shall target 700 beneficiaries and orchard crops training shall target 750.Trainings shall cover the topics outlined in Section A.2.A below, for all phases of the grapes/raisins and orchard crops production cycle. Specific crops are listed below:

  • grapes and raisins
  • fruits
  • nuts
  • Duration of Assignment

Nine Months

  • Client

Regional Agricultural Development Program-West (RADP-W)
Chemonics Afghanistan Limited Management and Implementation Services USAID

  • Start Date / Completion Date

April 19, 2016 – January 18, 2017