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Dynamic Vision strives to continuously raise the bar on its corporate-wide water performance and water management practices. Responsible energy development means balancing industry’s water requirements with the need to maintain a clean, safe and plentiful supply of this important natural resource for current and future generations.

We acknowledge the constant challenge of managing, protecting and conserving water resources to meet the future needs of communities, agriculture, industry and the environment.  Our hydrological and qualitative studies for streams, groundwater, lakes, bays, estuaries, and oceans continue to ensure our future.

DV’s experience in planning, designing and managing water systems dates back more than 10 years. With skills that extend beyond technical knowledge, our global scientists, specialist, engineers and construction managers have the capability to work on any water project around Afghanistan. Our high-level expertise in water, wastewater infrastructure, water resources, irrigation canals, water reservoirs, watershed concepts, wet weather, modeling, flood protection, dams and scientific investigation and alternative project delivery enable us to provide comprehensive solutions for our clients.

Drinking Water

We recognize the challenges faced by public water suppliers to provide high-quality, dependable supplies to our communities. Our experts are industry leaders incorporating the latest technology as well as practical and economical solutions that capture new water sources, construct or upgrade treatment facilities, or expand pumping, storage, and distribution system infrastructure.

We deliver affordable, client-centered solutions through a full range of services such as:

  • Engineering studies
  • Pilot testing
  • Distribution modeling
  • Designs

Program and construction management

DV partners with our clients to develop creative, cost-effective approaches to manage the issues presented by the growing population in water-scarce regions, aging infrastructure and emerging contaminants within our communities. We provide innovative engineering and proper planning to our clients, providing them with sufficient, safe, adequate supplies of high-quality drinking water at a reasonable cost.


We offer integrated services for total project delivery, covering everything from initial environmental planning studies to detailed design, construction management and operations and maintenance training. We understand our responsibility to the environment and provide services to create, enhance and sustain the natural and social environments.